Posting Rules & Suggestions

Our Rules

You must be a member of in good standing at Encinal Yacht Club or a skipper/crew sailing in an Encinal Yacht Club sponsored race to post on this message board. Any exceptions must be approved by the moderator of this site. Please use the contact section to make any requests. No commercial ventures please.

All regular members and Junior members alike are encouraged to post. Get on the Water! Is a good way for Junior members to move up to larger boats, but if you are under 18 years of age, you must have parental permission to take others out or to crew on other boats.

Please state clearly what you’re looking for. Number of people, experience level, type of outing, when you’re going or would like to go, and your first name, phone number or email are minimums. See the examples on the board.

Kindly delete your post if the appropriate time period has passed for your post. The site moderator reserves the right, if necessary to remove postings that are old or dated.

Skippers and crew are encouraged to start and/or finish from the EYC docks. This allows folks to have a good place gather before or after getting on the water, and those who may not want to sail can enjoy the Club and relax by the pool or on the deck!

Posting Guidelines

Explain how many people want to go or how many spots might be open. Most boats have some limitation on the number of crew that would be comfortable – there’s a better chance that a parent and Junior can get a ride than a family of five with pet.

If you’re a boat owner, be clear on what’s expected of the crew positions. A possible itinerary and expected length of time on the water is helpful too, weather permitting of course!

Be honest about your experience level! First time sailors and beginners are encouraged to post, but be very clear about your experience and don’t exaggerate – the skipper of the boat will make adjustments or assignments based on your experience, and most will welcome showing new sailors “the ropes”.

If you just want to hang out on a power boat, that’s OK too. Power boating can be less strenuous than sailing.

Racing is fun too! If you’ve never done it or want to move up from dinghies to larger boats, the EYC Friday evening series is a great place to start. The Friday races are low key, only last about an hour and are usually warm and dry. (They’re called “beer can races” for a reason!)

Weekend Bay and ocean racing is more serious. Crew can usually be expected to have some experience, and may need to bring their own foul weather gear and PFD (personal flotation device).

If you’d like to try cruising, you might consider one of the EYC cruise outs, although it’s always a good idea to get to know the other party with a day sail or two before committing to a longer cruise.

Be responsible –Talk before you go, and show up on time! Make it clear what everyone should bring. Sometimes it’s nice when the guests bring the food and refreshments. Some racing skippers supply lunch for the hungry deck animals. If it’s a long trip on a power boat, it might be appropriate to chip in for fuel. Exchange cell phone numbers so if there’s a change of plans the parties can get in touch. It’s always best to do a final confirmation the night before the trip.

It’s good to plan ahead, so try to give as much notice as possible for your trip. However, impromptu outings or last minute trips when fog clears sometimes are the best! Skippers (especially those who race) are always having crew cancel at the last minute. If you’re fed up with the Niners and have an unexpected Sunday afternoon free and want to go out, give it a post. Evening sails on the Estuary are great when the weather’s warm, and they don’t take all day.

The purpose of this site is to get more people boating, so go ahead and post and, Get on the Water!