Encinal Yacht Club
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Management of the club is overseen by Flag Officers, a President and a Board of Directors consisting of the three elected Flag officers and six Directors elected from the general membership. Encinal also has a number of active Committees and Committee Chairs appointed each year. The Club is a nonprofit organization. Contact the officers, directors and committee chairs through email directly or through your webmaster.

President Ray Thomas E-mail
Sr. Vice President Dan Hayes E-mail
Vice President Andrew Slakey E-mail
Commodore John Hemiup E-mail
Vice Commodore Jim Vickers E-mail
Rear Commodore Doug Perry E-mail
Treasurer Anneke Dury E-mail
Director/Membership Grace Hess E-mail
Director/Junior Liasion Grace Hess E-mail
Director/Welcome Aboard Nick Powell-Ford E-Mail
Director/House Angela Loeffler E-Mail

Membership Grace Hess
Dan Hayes
Finance Charley Eddy E-mail
Welcome Aboard Nick Powell-Ford E-mail
Boat Yard Karla Bolivar E-mail
Building & Grounds Chuck Wetteroth E-mail
House Rebecca Rizzo E-mail
Youth Grace Hess E-mail
Junior Sailing Steve & Barb Grove E-mail
Cruise Captain Darrell Powell-Ford E-mail
Long Range Planning David Dury E-mail
Nominating Michael Scheck E-mail
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General Manager/COO Rigo Headley E-mail
F&B Events Director Karla Bolivar E-Mail
Member Services
Kamahni Huck E-Mail
Controller Steve La Carrubba E-Mail
Catering Manny Rodriguez E-Mail
Junior Sailing
Tyler Colvin E-mail

Port Captain Tony Schaffer E-mail
Cruise Captains Darrell & Nicki Powell-Ford E-mail
Small Boat
Fleet Captain
Ken Popplewell E-mail
Power Boat
Fleet Captain &
Safety Officer
Tony Schaffer E-mail
Member Liason Vern Bendsen E-mail
Club Counsel Chris Hanson E-mail
Assistant Club Counsel Shawn Throwe E-mail
Soundings Editor Tom Sheehan E-mail
Web Master Don Ahrens E-mail
Club Historian Stephen Grant E-mail
NCPCA Delegate Marguerite Lawry E-mail
PICYA Delegates Linda Bendsen
Fred Rutledge
Tony Shaffer
Staff Commodore Michael Andrews E-mail
Jr.Staff Commodore Susan Jacquelin E-mail
Secretary Linda Bendsen E-mail