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Sausalito Cruise Out

Encinal’s cruising fleet will be heading to Schoonmaker’s Marina near Sausalito June 14th – 16th.

Schoonmaker’s offers a 380-foot side tie guest dock, easy access to a wonderful beach, French restaurant and you are within a 15 – 20 minute walk to downtown Sausalito.

Early plans include:
Friday, June 14th:
• Appetizers’ and cocktails on the docks, dinner on your own

Saturday, June 15th:
• Breakfast on the Dock, Dinner and appetizers at the Sausalito Yacht Club

Sunday, June 16th:
• Departure at your leisure

Schoonmaker’s harbormaster has reserved the full 380ft dock for our cruise, once that is filled we can place you on our waiting list for additional slips if they come available.

When docking, Chuck and I will be there to assist you. Please have your fenders on your portside, tie up-bow out and dock from the rear of the dock forward. Once you have landed you will receive your dock key.

Please email Chuck or Edie to sign up or for more information.
Herro.edie@gmail.com • 307-690-5447
ceherro@aol.com • 307-690-5416

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