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Mark Twain was reputed to have said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. The highlight of Encinal's cruising season is "Delta Daze" - a whole week in the Delta in mid August, where temperatures commonly reach 90 during the day and "cool" off to 70 at night. Our destination is usually at Three River Reach, where there is good holding ground and anchorage for over 100 boats. You can anchor on shore with lines ashore and an anchor out, or in the middle of the old river channel and swing. Bring the mosquito netting and citronella.

Along the shore, you can be close enough to be "neighborly", but not intrusive. Delta water is clean and refreshingly cool on a hot day, and a dip preserves the fresh water supply.

Special Activities are planned for the cruise including -- Laser races, popper parties, dinner, dancing and whatever else you want to do to have a great time in the Delta.

Encinal is also a very popular destination for other yacht clubs. It is not unusual to see 15 or 20 boats from some clubs at our docks on a Saturday afternoon. During those cruise-in weekends, the member side of the club dock is open to members, but the guest side is full and closed.

2010 Cruise Schedule

You can sign up for any or all of these cruising events by e-mailing Ina Tabak & Mike Pernitzke. We encourage everyone to participate in these fun events.

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Family cruising fun.

Rafting up at an EYC cruise-in.

Smooth sailing on the Sacramento Delta.