Encinal Yacht Club

Flash Cruise FAQ

By Tom Sheehan

Q: What is a Flash Cruise-in?

A: It’s an impromptu cruise that hasn’t been planned, so it’s not on any schedule, but because of impending GOOD weather, an open weekend and the chance to meet some new people and say hi to old friends, it seems like a good thing to do!

Q: Are there any Flash Cruise-ins coming up?

A: There is a Flash Cruise-in planned for sometime in March

Q: Great! Where are we cruising to?

A: Sometimes we will cruise to various destinations on the bay. Other times we may just cruise in to the Encinal YC.

Q: I’d really like to go, but I don’t have a boat to cruise in on. Is that OK?

A: Absolutely. You can Cruise-in on your land yacht.

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