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If you enjoy being on your boat, or you enjoy a lifestyle focused on the water, joining a yacht club greatly enhances these pleasures. Whether you enjoy the excitement of racing competition, the adventure of cruising to beautiful venues in and around the bay, or just being with friends, old and new, enjoying a cocktail or dinner overlooking the water, a yacht club can provide you with a whole new level of experience.

We feel being a member of Encinal Yacht Club provides all of this and more and invite you to consider applying for membership. Few yacht clubs can match our combination of location and club facility, a beautiful pool and surroundings, and extensive docking facilities. It is a perfect location for formal events such as weddings and social events and a great place to relax and unwind. Our bar and lounge with a large outdoor deck is perfect for observing the multitude of on the water events.

We are especially proud of our Award Winning Junior Sailing Program where kids as young as 8 years old learn the fundamentals of sailing and the techniques of racing. Many have gone on to represent EYC in sailing regattas around the country. It's a wonderful opportunity for young people to grow up in a safe environment and learn valuable skills.

Applying for membership is easy. Here's how it's done:

1. Complete the Application for Membership. (See Below)

2. Obtain the signatures of three (3) Regular members who have been members for over one year. The Membership Committee is ready to assist you in this. Submit the application to the EYC office along with your Initiation Fee and the first month's dues.

3. We will post your application in the main lobby for 10 days for member review. A person from the membership committee will meet personally with you so you can ask questions or request information.

4. Finally, your application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at the monthly Board Meeting.

That's it. Please join us!

Membership Classes

Regular Memebership
As a "Regular" member you are eligible for all club benefits: extended credit in dining room, bar, and other services and merchandise supplied by the Club; full voting privileges; may be an elected club officer; and have full privileges for spouse and children less than 21 years of age. Term of membership is unlimited as long as member remains in good standing.

Competitive Racing Membership
This class of membership is offered to persons who own, charter, or actively crew on a yacht that is actively raced at EYC, YRA of SF Bay, or other recognized Yacht Racing Association. A Racing member has no voting privileges. Their membership is renewable for and limited to a term of 3 years with the opportunity to convert to a Regular Membership at the end of this term with Board approval and by paying the balance of the initiation fee for regular membership.

Corinthian Membership
This class of membership has the same privileges as a "Regular" member and is offered to persons from 18 years old to their 31st Birthday at which time their membership status will automatically change to "Regular" membership as long as they are members in good standing. Their monthly dues will increase to what ever the prevailing regular membership monthly dues are at the time.

Service Membership
To qualify, a person must be on active duty in one of the following branches of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or the Air Force. Service members are not eligible to vote in Club elections, hold office, be "granted a leave of absence, extended credit for dining room services or other services and merchandise supplied by the Club.

Business And Professional Membership
Corporate entities or persons actively engaged in a business or profession are required to incur not less than $100.00 monthly minimum in the dining room and/or bar charges. They are not eligible to vote in Club elections, hold office, or be granted a leave of absence.

Non-Resident Membership
To be eligible for this class of membership, a person must have established a Regular or, Corinthian membership, their principal place of residence, principal place of business, if any, and a customary place of storing or mooring a Club enrolled boat, if any,

Cruising Membership
To be eligible for this class of membership, a person must have established a Regular, Corinthian, or Racing Member for at least one (1) year and is going to be cruising on a yacht for three (3) or more months on an outbound destination of at least 300 miles or more from Encinal Yacht Club.

Hopefully, one of these classes can fit your budget. We have a fine mix of power, cruising sail, racing sail and social members. And, we always have room to add you to our friendship circles.

If you decide to join, expect to be asked to volunteer. Running as many events as we do takes a lot of people helping. Come join the fun! And, by the way, if you plan to cruise the Bay or cruise the world (by water or otherwise), your Encinal membership gives you reciprocity at nearly every other yacht club in the world.

Membership Forms
You can download a Membership application as a Adobe Acrobat document here or MS Word document here. New Members will also need to submit a Credit Card form. You can download the Credit Card form as a Adobe Acrobat document here or MS Word document here.

If you have any questions regarding membership please send email to Mark Sneddon or contact the Encinal Yacht Club. Club contact information is below:

Encinal Yacht Club
1251 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501
Telephone: 510.522.3272
Fax: 510.865.8630

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