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Encinal Yacht Club offers an extensive racing program throughout the year. The list of races that we run and our calendar are discussed below. Our club offers extensive opportunites for racers to participate in offshore, bay or estuary race formats. The Encinal Yacht Club flag officers take great pride in the diversity of our race program.

2019 Race Schedule

Coastal Cup
The Encinal Yacht Club has sponsored the Coastal Cup yacht race for over 22 years. The Coastal Cup is now part of California Offshore Race Week which includes the Spinnaker Cup, the Coastal Cup, the Socal 300, and Socal 500. The Spinnaker Cup is a race from San Francisco to Monterey. The Coastal Cup race is from Monterey to Santa Barbara. The final race of the California Offshore Race Week is the Socal 300 with a start in Santa Barbara and the finish in San Diego. The race starts near the Golden Gate Bridge and ends in Southern California. The end of the race has moved around over the years to keep the race interesting. So far three finishes have been established: Catalina(360nm), Santa Barbara(277nm), and Ventura(298nm). The race is normally held the third weekend in June.

2019 Coastal Cup

Jack Frost Midwinter Series
The Jack Frost Midwinter Series is sailed off the YRA Mark 10 over the Winter. The first race in the series is held in November with one race per month for 5 months. Race days will include 2 or 3 races per day depending on the weather cooperations. The Jack Frost Midwinter Series is very popular with racers because we utilize inflatable marks to ensure an even line and square course. See the race calender above for dates and times.

Friday Night Twilight Series
The Friday Night Twilight Series is one of the EYC's most popular races. The series is held in the spring and the fall with five races spaced about two weeks apart. The race is sailed in front of the club. See the race calender above for dates and times.

Small Boat Fleet Series
The estuary is a perfect venue for sailing small boats. Finns, Mercurys, Folkboats, Millimeters and other acitve fleets enjoy the clubs access to the estuary. See the 2019 Race Schedule Solar Series dates and times.

Other Races:
The Encinal Yacht Club sponsors several additional races such as the Second Half Opener, Commodores Challenge, Centennial Cup, Gracie and George, Commodores Cup, as well as several Northern Califiornia and National events. See the 2019 race schedule for dates and times.

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