Reciprocal Clubs

Reciprocity is the policy under which special advantages are granted by one side in consideration of same by the other.

EYC Club Members

Membership in the Encinal Yacht Club includes the privilege of visiting other clubs that recognize EYC as a reciprocal organization. It is advisable that the members contact any club they plan to visit in advance to avoid disappointment upon arrival.

Some clubs require a letter of introduction from the Commodore or General Manager of EYC and a current membership card. Please provide the name and address of the club you wish to visit and EYC will be happy to accommodate your request for an introductory letter.

Visiting Guests

In addition to the list of clubs below, Encinal Yacht Club can accommodate members of legitimate yacht or boating clubs (generally, those having a permanent facility to meet, established bylaws, and elected officers) that in turn recognize EYC as a reciprocal. Membership in US Sailing or Pacific Inter- Club Yacht Association may be considered when there are questions about a club's eligibility. Proof of membership is required, and usage is subject to EYC’s house rules.

All guests are directly responsible for charges incurred. We do not allow charges to be billed to your home club, Master Card, or Visa. We do not except cash.

With advance notice, the Encinal Yacht Club can accommodate groups or individuals from visiting clubs as may be appropriate to a cruising rendezvous’, race destination, or similar activity. Please contact the Port Captain for docking arrangements and the club manager for dining reservations and arrangements.

Reciprocity List of Clubs

EYC maintains a list of clubs that we recognize as reciprocal. If your club is not on the list and you would like it to be, please send information about your club to the EYC Commodore for consideration. You can find a link to the list of clubs that grant reciprocity below.

List of Reciprocal Clubs

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